Posted by Clovis Art Guild California on Thursday, January 24, 2013 Under: President's message

This year promises to be an exciting time for the Art Guild. We are in the process of getting our non-profit number straightened out and expect to have that completed by the end of the year. Why is this necessary? We as some of you may be aware, although Clovis has functioned as a non-profit entity for years; no formal application to be recognized as such was apparently never made, as we can find no evidence of it in our records. Unfortunately, even had there been evidence found, the application would have lapsed due to inactivity on our part. Therefore, we will be starting from scratch with the application to the State of California to be recognized as an incorporated entity which is the first step that must be taken, and then moving on to the Federal government application to be recognized as a non-profit entity. Since government entities move at a very slow pace, we anticipate that the application process may take most of the year. The application and fees for this do require a substantial outlay of our funds, but it is necessary to for us to continue to function legally.

We have started a new monthly activity for our members; a paint out which will occur on the Fridays after our general meetings. I hope you will all participate and enjoy the experience. We will also be organizing carpooling for those of us who would prefer not to drive. Suggested painting sites now have been the Clovis Botanical Gardens, Roeding Park near the pond and carousel, the Shinzen Gardens, Jackie McCoy’s property up in the mountains. If you have places you would like to share, please contact a board member. Our criteria for these outings is very simple, they must be easily accessible (no 4-wheel drive places please!), have parking and be low cost. The Board is also looking for a member or members who might be willing to take over organizing these outings.

We are also planning an Art Fair where artists can sell their work to overlap with Big Hat Days.

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