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Posted by Clovis Art Guild California on Thursday, May 30, 2013 Under: President's message

Before we leave the subject of the Old West Show, I want to say a special thank you to Jim Sutton and to Susan Asadoor’s two pre-teen boys who dismantled and loaded the art display standards into our trailer for storage by themselves at the end of the show, although we had a number of people sign up to help with this aspect of the show, we didn’t have the participation we usually do.

I realize that it’s hard to come out and work on Sunday for the take-down of the show, but, dismantling and loading our standards is an essential part of each show. We did have wonderful participation from our members for all parts of the show but this. I hope we can do better in the Fall show.

Alice has finished the membership roster booklets and they will be available at the meetings.

We have an update on our non-profit status. We received our incorporation number back from the State of California. The next step is to file for a certificate of information with California, and then we will be able to start the whole process over with the Federal Government.

I’m looking forward to the demo by Dennis Lewis and I hope to see you at June’s meeting!



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