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Is it really June already? The miniature show is coming up faster than you think so I hope all of you have started your painting for this year. This year there have been quite a few changes. The Fresno Art Hub will be hosting the show this year. Many thanks to our gracious hostess Diane Breuer. The awards will be given out during Art Hop Thursday on July 7th so please come and support all our fine artists.  I look forward to seeing you there.

            We made some changes to the categories beginning with this show. Please read the Miniature Works Art Show prospectus carefully. The board also decided it was time to bite the bullet and drop a category from our shows. We didn’t take this action lightly. Response to some categories is always spotty at best, but we did hang in there for at least five years. When you were a child, didn’t you just hate it when you won a first place in something and there were no other entries? I don’t know about you, but it always made me feel as I hadn’t really won anything. If a show category just isn’t getting enough entries for there to be decent competition, then how can we justify keeping it? A category needs at least seven entries for there to be any competition at all. I always hate to drop a category from our shows because I feel we should make an effort to support all artists who work in the different categories, but we just haven’t gotten the response needed to support a sculpture category. 

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