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Creating An Art Culture In Our Community

Posted by Clovis Art Guild California on Sunday, September 27, 2015 Under: President's message

I hope you are all ready for our Fall show. I know we can make this a great show. Don’t forget also to think about helping out with the show. Signup sheets are available at the meeting. Dates to remember are on page 2.

It’ seems to be “begging time” again to ask our members to step up and serve as officers to the Guild. Any group is only as strong as its members are. While it is true that in most groups 10% of the members do 90% of the work, I just know that one of our members will be willing to step up and volunteer for this position! We need YOU”

While we no longer have the Mall Gallery open to us to show our work, we DO have an opportunity to remind the Fresno/Clovis Community about our beautiful art. I hope that more of you will be able to join us for an exhibit at the Sunnyside Library in November. We have all heard many artists whine that no one in our community buys our art (that instead they go over to the coast to do so). Well I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to move over there or with the current gas prices join a gallery that would mean I have to make a trip over there every month. I think the solution is for us as artists to remind our community that they don’t have to make that trip either! We also have many very talented local artists. The big secret is no one knows it. the best way to raise art awareness was to put art out in places where John and Mary Public would see it. We all know that most of the public traffic during Art Hop is other artists because John and Mary Public are usually too busy with their kids other activities to take time out for an art tour during the week They will however, take their children to the library. If art is displayed in that library, it gives parents and children the opportunity to recognize and see the local art culture.

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