Fall Art Show and POM Standards

Posted by Clovis Art Guild California on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 Under: President's message

Although there will be no meeting in November, I hope you will all support the Fall art show by entering your art and coming out for the Reception on November 5. It will be in the Veteran’s room from 5 PM to 8 PM. Jeanne and Barbara will be contacting you to assist in receiving, judging and hanging the show. There will be signup sheets at the meeting for this, as well as bringing in food for the reception and for sitting the show. Please support the Guild by volunteering. We will also need help in taking down the show and standards.

There seems to have been some recent confusion as to requirements for the art presented for Pick of The month, so I hope this will clarify matters. Pick of the month is an informal contest created to support our member’s efforts. Because it is informal, we do allow work that has been done in class as well as that done independently. However, the art must be framed; gallery wrap (1.5” to 2” wide on the edge) is acceptable. All oils must be completely dry. Watercolor, Drawing and some types of mixed media must be under glass or plexi-glass. During Pick of the Year, we do allow artists to present a print or a copy in lieu of the original art. This is because we recognize that the original may have been sold or entered in another art show. If you are bringing in a print, please mount it on cardboard or whiteboard so that it will stand upright with the rest of the art. 3-D art or sculptures too large or too heavy to fit on the tables should provide their own pedestal.



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