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Posted by Clovis Art Guild California on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Under: President's message

We had a very good turnout for our hands-on with Claudia last month and all participants seemed to have such a good time that everyone stayed late! This month we persuaded Sue Porter to step away from watercolors and demonstrate in oil for us.

We will also be holding our award ceremony for our Miniature Fine Art Show during the meeting, and I hope that all of you will turn out and support your friends and fellow members by coming to see them receive their awards! On Thursday, July 31st at 5 PM we will be picking up the show at the show location and putting up a new membership display. This would be an excellent time for you to bring something to sell to the window gallery. Our Storefront Gallery gives us a chance to show off our art! Bring in one or two art pieces and the next time an acquaintance, family member or friend asks you about your work, you could direct the inquiry to the window and give everyone a chance to really see what you do!

Because it is a sales venue, whatever you bring in should be for sale. Prints and classwork are acceptable as well as originals. All paintings or Prints must be framed or gallery wrapped. Frames must be in good repair and ready to hang. The maximum size is 24 x 36 maximum weight 10 lbs. Please use flat hangers with wires only, no Saw-tooth, eyelet hangers or quick frames and no screw eyes. The ends of the wire must be taped or sleeved. Screws for hanging must be no more than 4” inches from the top of the frame and the wire must not show over the top of the frame.  All oils must be completely dry. An Exhibit card with the title, price media and your contact information will be provided for you to fill out at receiving.

 See you at the meeting on Wednesday, the 9th!


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