Happy New Year!

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Hi everyone. I hope you all had a fun holiday season. Your board has some changes planned for the New Year, hopefully to enrich your experience with the Guild. We are actually beginning the New Year with a full slate of officers and committee heads this year, which is a nice change for those of us who have been wearing two or even three hats for the past couple of years.

We had a good turnout for the Fall Art Show. Because we have to turn in our usage dates two years in advance to the Veterans’ staff, we were unable to change the dates this year, but next year the show will be in October.

We are still working on getting our non-profit number straightened out. At the moment, we are still waiting for the last bit of paperwork from the State before we begin our Federal journey through red-tape land. We will keep you posted as events progress.

The date for the Miniature works show was moved from February to July. Receiving will be on the last Saturday in June. It will still be held at the Sierra Vista Mall in our window gallery. Originally, the date in February was chosen because we were holding it at the Clovis Library and that was the only date they had open. However holding the show in February meant working on it while the Guild was dark and the timing interfered with the Old West Show. Moving the show to the summer allows us to spread out our shows so that we now have one in the spring, summer and fall.

Part of our mission statement is to help inexperienced artists learn about professionally presenting their work to the public. After a great deal of discussion, the board came up with standards for presenting art at Pick of the Month and at the Window Gallery. Because POM is informal, the standards are looser than they would be at an art show. Please read through them and if you have any questions you may contact any board member for answers.

The Window Gallery presents some unique issues. It is essentially a sale venue to present member’s art to the public at large, so art brought in should be for sale. For the regular membership exhibits, classwork or prints of your work are fine, providing they are presented professionally. Please read through the standards provided. If you have any questions, you can contact a board member.


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