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Posted by Clovis Art Guild California on Saturday, November 8, 2014 Under: President's message

Last night we installed our window display at Sierra Vista Mall for October/November. It was so much fun with all the members who participated. And the good news is the display looks fabulous and it only took an hour to set up! On November 13th, we will be putting up a display that will last through January. The mall window gallery is our opportunity for all of us to remind the Clovis/Fresno residents what the Clovis Art Guild gives back to our community and to see the Guild as a cultural asset.  When your prospective clients, friends and family ask you “what kind of art do you do?”, you can simply direct them to see your work at our gallery. Who knows, they might even be impressed enough to want to buy what you have on display for their home or office! Since we are encouraging the public to purchase art as a gift for the holidays, we suggest that for the November display, members bring in lower priced items. Remember, prints are okay also as long as they are clearly labeled as a print!

I hope some of you have been considering joining the board in 2015. We badly need a secretary who can attend our meetings and type our minutes. Alice stepped into the vacancy, but she already does both Membership and Treasurer. Any group is only as strong as its members are. While it is true that in most groups 10% of the members do 90% of the work, I just know that one of our members will be willing to step up and volunteer for this position!

We want to come back strong in 2015, so we will be starting a membership drive. Now is the time to begin telling artists you know about how much you enjoy being a member of Clovis Art Guild. I hope you will also invite artists you know to participate in the Fall Open show and to come and meet Jerome at the October meeting.

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