It's A New Year! Hey, What Happened To February?

Posted by Clovis Art Guild California on Sunday, March 1, 2020 Under: President's message

Welcome to March. I hope everyone has been busy working on an entry for the Old West Show. It's coming up faster than you think!

Please sign up to help out with the show. We need members to take sign ins to each category, runners during receiving, and healthy ablebodied folk to help set up the standards and then to hang the art. Sign up sheets will be available at the meeting. 

We are also going to need some of you to simply sit the show while it is open.

If you know a high-school student who would benefit from the Gene Butler Scholarship contest, please tell them to ask their teacher to get in touch with Dave Boothby.

Don't forget to bring in your entry for the OWS cover brochure contest. It's due at the March meeting. Remember, 5 x 7 in either pen, pencil or graphite and photo ready.

This month we will have an opportunity to exhibit our work at the Sunnyside library. Please bring in your ready to hang work on Wednesday, March 18th at 11:00 AM. Classwork, orginial art and photographs are all ok.

It looks as if all I've done is hand out a list of reminders. Sorry about that. However the Old West Show is our biggest show and it takes all of us to make it a succes.

UPDATE: ACA has decided to simply donate some money to CAG when they disolve. I understand they are refunding membership dues paid to their members, so any ACA members joining us will need to pay dues to CAG. If you are acquainted with any ACA members, please remember to invite them to our demonstrations.


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