·Congratulations to the winners of our 2021 Fall Art Show. The show will be open Tomorrow at the Vineyards - The Armenian Home 6694 E Kings Canyon Rd. (In the Community Center). Yest after waffling, at bit, we found out when we arrived today that they had put us back in there, Thank Goodness! It’s a beautiful Area. If you intend to see the show, please remember you will need a mask and a copy of your card showing you've had the Covid Shots.


Award            Artist                        Title                                         Media

Best of Show Rosanne Peters          Reflections Of A Crowded Sky   OIL                                                                                                    

                                                        Theme: All Things Autumn     

1st place       Rosanne Peters          3 Oranges &  A Vase                 OIL

2nd                Rosanne Peters          Autumn Skies                           OIL

3rd                 Linda Oberquell          Autumn                                  OIL

1HM               Ashley Hill                  Autumn Wind                          ACRYLICS

2HM               S. V. Lindgren            Autumn Vegetables                   PASTELS                                                                                                        


1st                 Rosanne Peters          Smugglers Cove                       OIL

2nd                Rosanne Peters          Spring At Miller’s Creek             OIL

3rd                 June Livingston          New York, New York                 OIL                                                                                                  


1st                 Jeanne Naito              Tabletop Beauty                       ACRYLICS

2nd                Meganne Gore            Coconut                                   ACRYLICS

3rd                 A. J. Sutton                Fight!                                      ACRYLICS

1st HM           Gail Daley                  Rocky Beach                            ACRYLICS                                                                                                       


1st                 Roberta Davis             Inside Story                              WATERCOLOR

2nd                Roberta Davis             Hollyhocks                                WATERCOLOR

3rd                 Georgia Verduzco       Holiday Basket                          WATERCOLOR

1HM               Susan Patterson         His Rose                                   WATERCOLOR                                                                                                       


1st                 A. J. Sutton                Playing                                     PASTELS

2nd                Mary Ann Ferstl          Just Mike                                  GRAPHITE

3rd                 A. J. Sutton                Sierra Beauty                           PASTELS


           2021 Fall Fine Art Open Show


  November 6, 2021, 10AM--NOON– Receiving for the Fall Show. There will be a special category (All Things Autumn—any Art media except photography).

·      November 10, 2021, – Reception for the show 5PM—6:30 PM

·      November 13, 2021, 3-5 PM Art pickup

Download Prospectus below:

2021 fall  show prospectus.pdf 2021 fall show prospectus.pdf
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              2019 Fall Fine Art Open Show

                          Winners List

Best of show

                                                  404     Roberta Davis            The Quilters   Pastels            $195.00

Oils & Acrylics

Award      #     Artist                  Title                        Media           Price

1st Place    103  Diané Breuer         Sunflowers                Oil                 $185.00

2nd Place   212  A. J. Sutton           Here’s The Scoop       Acrylics          $400.00

3rd Place   216  Nonnie Rhoads      Moonstone                Acrylics          $800.00

Hm 1         206  Jackie Mccoy         Light And Shadows    Acrylics          Nsf

Hm 2         104  Diané Breuer         Heading Out              Oil                 $2,500.00

Hm 3         209  Ann Vreeland        Moose Drool              Acrylics          $260.00

Hm 4         211  A. J. Sutton           High Country             Acrylics          $350.00



Award      #     Artist                  Title                        Media           Price

1st Place    307  Janice Fortney       Old Fishing Boat           Watercolor     $200.00

2nd Place   310  Roberta Davis       Morning’s Glory            Watercolor     $350.00

3rd Place   315  Georgia Verduzco Geranium And Crystal     Watercolor     $85.00

Hm 2         308  Diané Mcgrath       Tea Time                     Watercolor     $200.00

Hm 3         305  Julie Raymer         Rural Windmill              Watercolor     $195.00

Hm 4         301  Toni Avila-Sanchez3 Fisherman                 Watercolor     $250.00

Hm1         311  Roberta Davis       Hollyhocks                   Watercolor     $350.00


Drawing & Graphics

Award      #     Artist                  Title                        Media                 Price

1st Place    503  Shanna Bryce        Bird Of Paradise         Colored Pencil$  100.00

2nd Place   507  Mary Ann Ferstl     My Sister                  Graphite             Nfs

3rd Place   504  Shanna Bryce        Yearling Elk               Colored Penci     lNsf

Hm 1         505  A. J. Sutton           Bunny Hop                Pencil               $150.00

Hm 3         502  Julie Raymer         Garden Gate             Pen/Pencil         $135.00

Hm 4         506  Jeanne Naito         Centerpiece               Sharpie Pen       $150.00

Hm2         501  Julie Raymer         Succulents                Pen/Pencil           $135.00


Pastels / Mixed Media / Sculpture

Award      #     Artist                  Title                        Media           Price

1st Place    701  Myrna Axt             Sun Goddes              Found Art       $125.00

2nd Place   401  Shirley Lindgren    Pomegranites            Pastels           $600.00

3rd Place   403  Deborah Pepin       The Path                   Pastels           $850.00


Gene Butler Scholarship Winner

                                  Mary Lee                 Patience On The Prowl            Colored pen/ink

                                                 Buchanan High School         Teacher Jeff Nichols         

2019 Winners

2019 Reception

2019 Awards

            2018 Fall Fine Art Open Show

                          Winners List

Best of ShowMein OpaMary Ann FerstlWatercolor
1st PlaceVernon Conrad - Garden of an Old ManMa LyOil
2nd PlaceOn the Table ClothManuel AbadOil
3rd PlaceJose Vargas - Self PortrayalJose VargasOil
HM!Rusting But Still StandingManuel AbadOil
HM2BananaJose VargasOil
HM3Beck's BasketBecky MatliOil
1st PlaceGeranium In BloomNonnie RhoadesAcrylic
2nd PlaceSigns Of AutumnA.J. SuttonAcrylic
3rd PlaceTime For PlayA.J. SuttonAcrylic
HM!Fancy PoppyJackie McCoyAcrylic
HM2Flower In VaseNonnie RhoadesAcrylic
HM3Early MorningA.J. SuttonAcrylic
1st PlaceShades of FallJanice FortneyWatercolor
2nd PlaceMysteriousNonnie RhoadesWatercolor
3rd PlaceSweet NectarGeorgia VerduzcoWatercolor
HM!Balch ParkNonnie RhoadesWatercolor
1st PlaceFind Me See MeDeborah PepinPastel/Drawing/Mixed Media
2nd PlaceMaking WavesRoberta DavisPastel/Drawing/Mixed Media
3rd PlaceKitten PlayingA.J. SuttonPastel/Drawing/Mixed Media
HM!Minnesota Sunset Lake MinnetonkaDeborah PepinPastel/Drawing/Mixed Media
HM2Harvest Pumpkin & CornJeanne NaitoPastel/Drawing/Mixed Media
HM3SucculentsChieko DelgadoPastel/Drawing/Mixed Media
Clovis High School Students
1st PlaceA Time of WarNathan Oliva
2nd PlaceReachingAlyssa Hernandez
3rd PlaceMontraEmily Dellamaggiore
HM!Avian AmazementCalli Fragasso
HM2When DragonsNathan Oliva

2017 fall open winner's list

BEST OF SHOW 308 Gladys Tweedy  Gary’s Gaze Watercolors
OIL & ACRYICS Oils/Acrylics
Award # Artist Name Title Media
1st Place 103 Manuel Abad Tongue Warmers Oil
2nd Place 204 A. J .Sutton Emma & Liza Acrylic 
3rd Place 109 Gladys Tweedy Pomegranates With Silver Oil
HM 1 107 Maia Ballis Manzanita Sunset Oil
HM 2 203 A. J .Sutton Along Mill Creek Acrylic 
HM 3 104 Becky Matli Sunny Villa Oil
1st  Place 309 Chieko Delgado  Bass Lake Watercolor
2nd Place 303 Doug Boomer Longhorn Cattle Drive Watercolor
3rd Place 301 Carole Anderson Shingzen River Watercolor
HM 1 302 Mary Ann Ferstl A Blaze of Glory Watercolor
HM 2 310 Chieko Delgado  John’s Lotus Watercolor
HM 3 312 June Livingston  Oops! Watercolor
Award # Artist Title Media
1st Place 402 S. V. Lindgren  Autumn Still Life Pastels
2nd Place 502 Julie Raymer Where’s The Key Pen/pencil
3rd Place 403 A. J. Sutton Robin Pastels
HM 1 503 S.V. Lindgren  Yosemite Falls Pencil
HM 2 505 C. Doug Anderson Contemplating  Pencil/pen
HM 3 504 A. J. Sutton Hidden Falls Pencil
Award # Name Title Media
1st Place 702 Myrna Axt Samurai Soulmate  Wood Sculpture
2nd Place 603 Myrna Axt Warms The Soul Mixed Media
3rd Place 602 Gail Daley Hidden Lake #2 Vensoog Mixed Media



HIGH SCHOOL ART SHOW                                                                                                        

Award                 #                School               Artist Name                      Title                           Teacher

1st Place             803             Buchannan        Angel Lesuikowski             Contemplation           Jeff Nichols

2nd Place           802             Buchannan        Skye Reyes                         It Me                             Jeff Nichols

3rd Place           801            Buchannan        Sally Rudolphs                  Within The Hive          Jeff Nichols

HM 1                   804             Buchannan        Hayley Nichols                  Cans, Cans, Cans          Jeff Nichols

2016 Fall Open Art Show



BOS 311 Diane Breuer The Weaver Pastel


Award # Artist Name Title Media

1st 111 Jackie McCoy Sycamore On The Kings River Acrylic

2nd 106 Doug Boomer Wawona Covered Bridge Acrylic

3rd 115 Gail Daley Desert Beauty Acrylic

HM1 107 Mary Fotheringham Julian Of Norwich Acrylic

HM2 110 Jackie Mccoy New Hope For The Future Acrylic

HM3 109 June Livingston Water's Gift Acrylic


1st 121 Ma Ly The Beauty And The Bee Oil

2nd 112 Maia Ballis Good Morning Sun Mt. Oil

3rd 104 Manuel Abad Hay Stack Oil

Hm1 105 Manuel Abad Study In Yellow Oil

Hm2 102 Betty Berk Quiet Of The Woods Oil


1st 203 Bill Lehman Eggplant Surprise W/C

2nd 206 Carol D Hoover The Awe Of Nature W/C

3rd 204 Carole Anderson Lunch-Time W/C

HM1 209 Carol D Hoover My First Show W/C

HM2 201 Doug Boomer Waiting W/C

HM3 207 Carol D Hoover Cousins First Garden W/C


1st. 304 Suzie Stach Clouds Of Brilliance Pastel

2nd. 313 Diane Breuer Garden Bling Pastel

3rd 303 Donna M Penn My Ma Dona Pastel

HM1 312 Diane Breuer Robert Pastel

HM2 308 Becky Matli Serenity Pastel


1st 404 Julie Raymer Weathered Lock Pen/Pencil

2nd 503 Norma Eaton Morning Has Broken Collage

3rd 502 Nick Parmentier Untitled Sculpture Clay

HM1 403 Julie Raymer Autumn Harvest Pencil

HM2 401 A.J. Sutton Jackie And Minnie Mouse Pencil


2014 Fall Open Fine Art Show Winners

    Best Of Show
  105 Ma Ly Lost in Dreams Oil
      Oil & Acrylics  
Award # Artist Name Title Media
1st place 104 Ma Ly Tea Ceremony Oil
2nd place 118 Carol Yavasile Serenity Oil
3rd place 113 Laurence  Jackson Red Rock Mountain Oil
HM1 119 A.J. Sutton Clouds Acrylic
HM2 112 Maxine Fargason San Joaquin View Acrlic
HM3 116 Fray Martin Guerrero True Happiness Oil
Award # Name Title Media
1st Place 212 Karen Nephew Path To Paradise w/c
2nd place 209 Mary Lou Griggs 219 Pacific Grove Homes w/c
3rd place 208 Carol Yavasile Missy's Best Friend w/c
HM1 210 A.J. Sutton Just A Nice Place w/c
HM2 204 Charlotte DeHart Inviting w/c
Hm3 211 Carole Anderson Cramalot Inn w/c
HM4 202 Tom Powell Sandpipers' W/C
    Drawing & Pastel    
Award # Name Title Media
1st place 404 June Livingston One Life Lived For God & Country colored pencil
2nd place 304 Claudia Fletcher Tasty Wood pastel
3rd place 406 A.J. Sutton That's The Spot PRISMACOLOR
HM1 403 Carol Yavasile The Marians pencil
HM2 405 June Livingston Springtime Synergy colored pencil
HM3 301 Mary Ann Ferstl The Livermore Tree Pastel
HM4 303 Darren Hurst Grandpa Val pastel
    Sculpture/Mixed Media/3-D art    
Award # Name Title Media
1st place 503 Myrna Axt Existence 3-D Art
2nd place 506 Cory Ballis Cyclone glass
3rd place 504 Myrna Axt Higher Purpose 3-D Art
HM1 501 Linda Erickson Strange Winefellows M/M

2014 Student Fall Open Art Show

    High School Art Show      
Award # School Artist Name Title Media Teacher
1st place 612 Clovis High Tyler Roberts Jimi Hendrix Colored Pencil Mike McMough
2nd place 613 Clovis High Megan Marucci Jaguar Colored Pencil Mike McGough
3rd place 601 Fresno Christian Cayla Rivias Heartbreak W/C Sharon Scharf
HM1 611 Clovis High Cheyanne Couch Bright Woman Colored Pencil Mike McGough
HM2 609 Clovis High Emily Flores Young Lady Pencil Darrell Miller
HM3 606 Fresno Christian Sally Rudolfs Girl With Freckles Prismacolor Sharon Scharf
HM4 602 Fresno  Christian Cayla Rivias Speak From Your Heart Pen / Ink Sharon Scharf

2013 Winners of the Fall Open Fine Art Show

2013 fall open show catalog.pdf 2013 fall open show catalog.pdf
Size : 293.511 Kb
Type : pdf

 2013 Fall Open Show Reception

2013 Fall Student Open Art Show 

2012 Fine Art Show Honoring our Veterans

Clovis Art Guild supports art in our local High Schools by encouraging students to bring in their art during our Fine Art Shows

2013 Info coming soon about our next Fall Open show

Best Of Show 2012

303 Marilyn Torchin Fair Weather

Watercolor $450.00


106 1st Place Lola Nelson

Checking The Cinch

Watercolor $750.00

110 2nd Place June Livingston

Thank You For Keeping Him Safe

Charcoal $500.00

105 3rd Place Barbara Hamel

We Give Thanks

Watercolor $1,200.00

112 HM Jim Jacobsen

Destruction At The Da Nang Cargo Rams And Depot

Watercolor $3,000.00

103 HM Nidir J Baker

The Final Goodbye

Oil Nfs

102 HM Gail Daley

Mom, I'm Hungry

Acrylic $371.00

101 HM A.J. Sutton

Thinking Of Home - America

Acrylic $200.00


307 1st Place Sue Porter

River Park Road


309 2nd Place Charlotte Dehart

Sheyna Girl


302 3rd Place Marilyn Torchin

On A Tuesday


301 HM Tom Powell

A Day At The Beach


306 HM Deborah A Pepin

End Of The Road


304 HM Lana Cribbs

Holiday Flowers


Oils & Acrylics

209 1st Place Ma Ly

Spring Passage

Acrylic $500.00

201 2nd Place Gail Daley

Dog Star

Acrylic $371.00

205 3rd Place Frank Sidoti

Almost Italian

Oil $400.00

204 HM A.J. Sutton

Eucalyptus Trees

Acrylic $180.00

201 HM Jackie McCoy

Vision Of Light

Acrylic $100.00

203 HM A.J. Sutton Free

Acrylic $300.00

202 HM Gail Daley

Mendota Slough

Acrylic $371.00

Combined Category:

Sculpture, Pastels, Drawing, Mixed Media

401 1st Place Roberta Davis Enamelware

Pastel $600.00

604 2nd Place Jim Etherton

The Old Red, White And--Moo

Colored Pencil $500.00

701 3rd Place Mike McMullin

Extended Trot

Bronze Sculpture $3,400.00

402 HM Roberta Davis

"Days Gone By"

Pastel $175.00

602 HM Sandra Louie Mezmerized

Graphite Nfs

501 HM Linda Erickson Overlooking Citrus Cove

Mixed Media $400.00

503 HM Mickie Aragon

Mixed Seasons

Mixed Media Nfs

High School Student Exhibition 2012

Fresno Christian School

Teacher: Sharon Scharf

801 Ashley Erickson


Pastel Nfs

802 Ashley Erickson


Pen/Ink Nfs

804 Shannon Martins


Watercolor Nfs

805 Shannon Martins


Watercolor Nfs

806 Shannon Martins


Watercolor Nfs

Clovis High School

Teacher: Mr. Mcgough

807 Monica Orona


Pencil Nfs

Clovis East High School

Teacher: Jeff Nichols

808 Savanah Peck


Pen/Ink Nfs

809 Nou Chee Vang


Marker Pen Nfs

810 Nou Chee Vang


Marker Pen Nfs

811 Jill N Moywa


Marker Pen Nfs

Buchanan High School

Teacher: Albert Van Troba

803 Hannah Wigger


Mixed Media Nfs

812 Francis Nixon

Bird Of The Rainforest

Acrylic Nfs

813 Hunna Sandhu

Center Piece

Tempera Nfs

814 Francis Nixon

Lone Wolf

Acrylic/Tempera Nfs

815 Vanessa Todd

Feather Weight

Acrylic/Watercolor Nfs

816 Katlyn Wood

Tropical Flower

Acrylic Tempera Nfs